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Northumberland Business Group

  NBG is Northumberland County’s premier group of businesses. We are dedicated to providing customers excellence and professionalism you can trust.    

Who are the Northumberland Business Group?


Who are we?

A group of Northumberland business owners who commit to providing professional, reliable services with great industry specific expertise. Members range from decades of established business to growing entrepreneurs. Meeting every week encourages commitment, dedication and ongoing customer service. Many members conduct business within the group while also connecting with an even larger network outside the group.

Vision & Mission

NBG strives to be known as the premier group of businesses in the Northumberland area, whose members include high quality organizations that can be trusted to provide excellent products, services and customer experience.



  • Mutual support of our members
  • Provide excellent and professional service
  • Trustworthy and reliable group of experts

How do we ensure this?

  • Rules of Engagement
  • Attendance standards
  • Measured member engagement
  • Measured customer feedback
  • Professional development

Your best choice for business professionals in Northumberland County.

With our business directory, you are able to get in touch with the specific member-business for most desired industries. Each is professional and trustworthy and has been approved for their excellent and reliable service.

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