Discover Great Businesses  in Northumberland County

Did you know? Following the War of 1812, port towns Port Hope and Cobourg, became important centres for commercial activity.
Northumberland Business Group

Northumberland Business Group (NBG) is Northumberland County’s premier group of businesses. We are dedicated to providing customers with excellence and professionalism you can trust.

We are committed to providing professional, reliable services with great industry-specific expertise. Members range from decades of established business to growing entrepreneurs. Meeting every week encourages commitment, dedication and ongoing customer service. Many members conduct business within the group while also connecting with an even larger network outside the group. 

NBG strives to be known as the premier group of businesses in the Northumberland area, whose members include high-quality organizations that can be trusted to provide excellent products, services and customer experience.

Please browse our directory with the confidence that you will find local businesses that you can trust.